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Septic system tax credit poised to increase

The Massachusetts legislature is soon voting on a major tax credit bill and will send it to the Governor’s desk for signature. The bill HB4104 includes good news for property owners faced with repairing or replacing their failed septic systems and cesspools.

The tax relief bill will:

  • Increase the percentage of design and construction expenditures for the repair or replacement of a failed cesspool or septic system to 60%, up from 40%;

  • Increase the maximum eligible expenditure for a septic project to $30,000 from $15,000;

  • Allow a maximum annual credit of up to $4,000, an increase from $1,500;

  • Increase from $6,000 to $18,000 the total amount of credit that can be taken over a total of six years; and

  • Eliminate the current reduction to the septic tax credit of any grants or interest subsidies received.

We are grateful to Senator Michael Rodrigues for championing the septic tax credit through this far, and we're encouraging Governor Healey to sign it into law. Please email Senator Rodrigues to thank him (



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