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Image by Mael BALLAND

Scout Programs

Let WRWA help you meet your boy & girl scout badge requirements.  We are happy to customize programs based on your need. 

Ecosystem Explorations

Head to the ecosystem of your choice to explore for critters, tracks, and more.  Play games that teach about animal adaptations.  Choose  a forest, beach, marsh, or dune system.

Animal Signs & Senses

Use your senses during this field and forest hiking adventure while you search for animal signs.  Learn how animal senses are similar and sometimes very different than our own through games and crafts.

Image by Külli Kittus
Into the Woods

Learn about the amazing benefits of trees, how they communicate with each other, and why they are important for animals and other organisms.  In this program we learn the parts of a tree and how they grow by building a tree puzzle together. Then we'll head out on the trail to try to identify local species using leaves, needles or bark.  

All About Bugs

We'll have fun catching some six-legged friends while we explore around the River Center with hand nets and other collecting gear.  Learn what makes a bug a bug and why they are so important for healthy habitats.

Image by Justin Lauria
Image by Herbert Goetsch
The Secret of Seeds

Discover how seeds grow into plants and the many ways they spread through the environment.  Participate in a seed match up activity and search for seeds along outdoor trails.  Learn how we can help provide healthy soils for plants through worm composting.

Night Hike

Explore a trail at night with WRWA and test your color vision, learn how our eyes work in the dark, try a short solo hike if you dare, listen for animals, and learn about animals that light up during a minty snack.  We'll end the program with a laser tour of the constellations if weather permits.

Image by Jeff Golenski

Program Fees

$5/child, Minimum fee of $60 per 1 hour program
Night Hike $10/child, Minimum fee of $100 per 1 hour program

For questions and to schedule your program, please contact:
Kim Botelho, Education Director
508-636-3016 ext. 1006,

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