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Merit Award Scholarship

We are pleased to offer one $1,000 scholarship opportunity for graduating seniors in the Westport River watershed: Fall River, Dartmouth, Freetown, Westport, Little Compton, and Tiverton.  The award was made possible by the generosity of the late Margot C. Boote, and in memory of Ruth and Bill Heath who were active in protecting the environment.

The merit award applications are available by clicking the link below or by calling the WRWA office at 508-636-3016. Local high schools also have applications on file at their guidance department office. All applications are due to WRWA  (PO Box 3427, Westport, MA 02790) no later than April 1. Please print and fill out. The Alliance has a proud record of environmental stewardship and has expressed  its commitment to carry on this tradition.  The merit awards offer an opportunity to honor students who have demonstrated a passion for learning about and protecting the watershed environment.


The Westport River Watershed Alliance Merit Award was created to celebrate the lives of William and Ruth Heath and Margo C. Boote.  William and Ruth Heath were committed to environmental issues and protection of the natural world, as well as to social justice and global peace and harmony. Margo C. Boote was very involved in her community and the world around her.  She not only portrayed an active commitment to the environmental mission in her actions, but also had a deep spiritual connection with the environment as was shown in her poetry.

GG Summer Scholarships

In honor of Gay Gillespie, who has done so much for WRWA a scholarship fund has been created to provide funds to families in need so they can attend the summer Watershed Discovery Programs free-of-charge or at a reduced rate. This scholarship is available to students who live within the watershed towns of Westport, Dartmouth, Fall River, Freetown in MA and Tiverton and Little Compton in RI.  Any donations received for this fund will go directly towards this initiative.  

Scholarships are provided on a first come, first serve basis while funding is available.  To qualify, families must make 80% or less than the state median income range for your family size.  After you fill out a simple application, you will be asked to show us (we do not keep copies) a letter accepting your child into the school lunch program OR the summary page of your 2023 taxes.  We also make special exceptions.  To see the full details and income ranges, please download the scholarship application.  We are also offering discounts for families who wish to register multiple children.  Simply email Kim at with the names of your children and weeks you want to register for and she will send you a discount code to use during registration.

Note: All scholarships and discount codes must be requested beforehand and used at the time of registration.  We will not give reimbursements.

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