River Info

The Westport River is considered to be one of the most significant natural features in the area. The river supports an extensive and productive estuarine habitat including over 1,000 acres of saltmarsh vegetation and over 100 acres of eelgrass beds. There are approximately 3,000 acres of shellfish beds, harvested for both commercial and recreational purposes. The major economic shellfish species include bay scallops, quahogs, American oyster and surfclam. The river is one of the few remaining areas in Buzzards Bay to harvest bay scallops. Soft shell clams and blue mussels are also important recreational species.

The 100 square mile watershed is located in Southeastern Massachusetts and includes the communities of Westport, Dartmouth, Fall River, and Freetown in Massachusetts; Little Compton and Tiverton in Rhode Island. WRWA has been working for over 30 years to educate children in sound ecological ways of co-existing with nature and to educate watershed residents about what they can do to protect these natural resources. We advocate for environmental solutions with the local, state and federal regulators who make critical decisions about our environment. And we measure water quality parameters that document the condition of the river and watershed. Our goals have been to use our financial resources to scientifically document environmental conditions within the watershed.

Fun River Quiz

1. The Native American name for the East Branch of the Westport River is?
a) Noquochoke
b) Copicut
c) Acoaxet

2. The Native American name for the West Branch of the Westport River is?
a) Copicut
b) Acoaxet
c) Noquochoke

3. How many named islands are there in the Westport River?
a) 7
b) 13
c) 20

4. The Westport River has how many miles of shoreline?
a) 25 miles
b) 30 miles
c) 35 miles

5. The Westport River watershed encompasses how many towns?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6

6. How many ponds are there in Westport?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 9

7. What famous US president visited Westport and stayed on Horseneck Beach?
a) Kennedy
b) Johnson
c) F.D. Roosevelt

1. a
2. b
3. b – In the West Branch: Irish, Great, Judy, Cory’s; In the East Branch: Big Ram. Little Ram, Gunning, Great, Big Pine, Little Pine, Lower Spectacle, Upper Spectacle, Lakes
4. c
5. c – Six towns in 2 states MA and RI. In Massachusetts: Fall River, Freetown, Dartmouth, Westport. In Rhode Island: Tiverton, Little Compton
6. b
7. c – His close advisor was Louis Howe