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The Shocking Truth About Your Dog’s Poop

Dog Poop. It’s a serious problem. Here’s Why…. Because it contains disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick. Even worse is the knowledge that dog waste may be polluting our drinking water, local swimming areas, and favorite fishing spots. WRWA

Sam Tripp Brook Stormwater Project

The Buzzards Bay NEP is working with the Town of Westport to minimize environmental impacts from stormwater on Drift Road which goes into Sam Tripp Brook and then into the upper East Branch of the Westport River. In the fall of

“Don’t Cap It, Clean It”

By now most South Coast residents have driven by the many red “Don’t Cap It, Clean It” signs.  The message appears simple, but the questions surrounding the issue are complex. Boston Environmental Corp.’s absurd proposal to cap the old Cecil

Dartmouth Landfill Capping Proposal Threatens Our Watershed

A recent proposal put forward to the MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by the owner of a Dartmouth landfill may potentially harm the Westport River and its environment. This proposal, developed by Boston Environmental Corporation, is to cap a